An escort a term used to describe a woman who is paid for sex. An escort is also referred to as a call girl and to some people a prostitute.

Escort services in Toronto are now on the rise. They are becoming very popular in some circles in society and therefore very profitable for the shareholders. However, escort service ads are not allowed in news sites like Union network. Here are some of the reasons why:
1. So as not to offend the majority

The ideal news sites give information to a wide range of people. Their main aim is for their news to be read by as many people as possible. Escort services on the other hand are used by a smaller niche of people in Toronto. This small niche is often regarded as immoral by the majority. The news sites wouldn’t want to offend the majority group. Majority wins.
2. Sexual nature of the ads

News ads are read by hundreds and even thousands of people of different ages. It’s no surprise to find a ten year old reading something on a news site at Toronto. Of course the add will have an almost naked woman maybe standing or seated in a sexually suggestive manner. She might have a sexual look on her face to draw attention to the readers. A child bumping into an escort service add would start being sexually curious. Prohibiting such ads protects young readers.
3. Religious inclination towards morality
Morality is relative. What is immoral to one person may not necessarily be moral to another. While someone may view it as just another way of earning a living, someone else sees it as the devils work. Most religions view call girls as immoral beings. It would spark up a religious uproar to have these kind of ads on news sites.
4. Government regulations

Most countries all over the world don’t allow any sexual content on regular news sites. These governments strive to keep their citizens happy and help fight immorality.
5. Belief that sex workers break marriages
About 14% of married men have at some point in their marriage paid for sex. Actually most of the men who hire sexual services are married. Men who cheat on their wives end up having broken marriages once their wives find out their husband enjoyed Toronto escorts at ladies4vip long time ago.
Striking a balance between what the readers want to read and keeping the majority happy in your niche is of great significance for news sites like Union network. If this means prohibiting sexual content ads then so be it.

Why Toronto escort ads are not allowed in Union website